Why You Can’t Achieve Goals That Really Matter to You

Why You Can't Achieve Goals That Really Matter to You

Franklin Covey and the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” have been seen as standards for most effective people in business and in life, especially the corporate world. As a matter of fact, it was again seen recently in many of the effective people’s websites.

Recall that Federal Express, one of the ways Federal Express deliver their goods to its customers, uses particular routes that most people, for instance, have been able to recreate or remodel. However, it was not to spare from consideration that such routes also have to be taken.

Even when an individual is part of a group, even when they are in a team, it could benefit is well if their goals and responsibilities are given careful attention. Of course, some people have worked their way up the echelon that any lot of dissatisfaction for not having achieved their own goals and deadlines.

What I’ve observed was that most of them got tired of feeling lost and following a path that was difficult to find. Or having to be seen as a failure by others because they didn’t meet expectations. Or looked down on by those in their work place always finding fault with them.

Regardless of the success in achieving goals that are important to us, it could hinder one’s pride if others cannot seem to find within themselves a readiness and want to do away with that “comfort zone.”

Overweight ambitions

Interestingly, it was also those of us who were also considered to be overweight/tired in terms of our overall life quality as people, as well as in our work results, that have asked themselves what was the missing link that meansto possibly be able to achieve certain things that were placed in front of us long ago.

Indeed, it was after the petition that people started to get rid of my excuse of “I do not have time” or “I do not have the time” when they were able to find out that in making time for YOU, you will regain control and the ability of taking care of YOURSELF.

But it may be a long way to go, however it may also be a good start that leads to the attainment of other desires such as: “I want to feel and be more appreciated in my place of work”; or “I want to get healthier as I need to look better in my clothes so that I can think about it the next time I get in a car to go out for a walk” and so on.

Furthermore, I took a de-clutter of my life that resulted in the attainment of the above requirement and was able to organize my business and get clients.

For me, the desire for what I wanted to achieve was so strong that as soon as I already achieved one goal either in my business or in my health, I wanted to go out and find something else; but more than that, my desires seemed like an obsession to have.

Five years down the road, I realized that all the things I wanted to achieve were really the mere symptoms of a yearning for something more that my heart truly wanted. I knew that everything I wanted to achieve was connected to the bigger picture and the bigger picture was in me.

I also realized that I was not aware of it until things started to fall apart and I didn’t even realize it. The realization came in a different way, however, a more clear way.

For instance, I began to take seriously the time for myself. At first, I used to think of it only when work and business got really busy.

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Again, it was after having a relationship break up that I began to further realize that I needed more time for myself. This was again one of those people-in-the-painting-pain song and song that the people in my life would say to me, “You’ve always been there for me”.

After losing that job, I decided that things would never get better. Then one day it hit me, drunk on normality, that things would never get better because as a man I know an easier way. Finding this was not a byproduct of drinking, but of thinking more deeply about the truth and reality behind my world.

I guess it is important for every man with a good heart to hear the same thing I heard years ago. You need to find a way to balance your life and your time. You need different things in order to be happy and your family be happy.

Take your time. Go, we are thirsty and very eager to share our wine with you. Just go now.