The Unlikeliest Office Benefit

The Unlikeliest Office Benefit

The office is a strange place to find yourself these days. Filled with cubicles and hundreds of computer screens, it’s hard to imagine that taking a walk down the street might actually be a good thing. But it would be good to remember that steps can be taken to minimize some of the effects of sitting down for extended lengths of time, to reappotential benefits.

Of course, the first measure is to ward off the effects of poor posture, which has reaped lots of attention in recent years. Staccato, the unevenness in the implementation, is designed to prevent those problems from occurring in the first place. And the core issue is poor circulation, which can be helped with. Common sense dictates that the body will do what it takes to maintain universal health and vigor, and working on your posture can help.

But it is also the modern world in which many of us find ourselves living in, in which our lives are largely dominated by technology. Take a moment to think about your own habits at your office. Do you spend long hours sitting down? perhaps buttons on controls a vast lifeless computer screen? Perhaps your exposed torso hangs limply over your desk? What’s wrong with that? You may be a victim of your own largely inactive life, and it may be contributing to your plateaus.

So take a break from your own life and find ways to get moving. It is suggested that a simple ten minute walk may be just what the doctor ordered to stave off the pain and burnout that can lead to other, more serious issues. You may enjoy the ideal antiquated style of walking to the next city, taking the hilly terrain unpaved in your comfortable, but elderly body. It may give you a chance to squeeze in a bit of time away from your stressful work and think of creative new ways you can squeeze it in.

We are place today to take advantage of the wonderful inventions of modern science. They have Surely contributed mightily to making our lives easier and enable us to do more with less time. But there is a cost. Let’s not forget the cost of our health. Walking is a good form of exercise that may reduce the risk of some diseases. Think of old friends whose grandmothers used to walk but we now walk much longer and we do it more often. Besides, after a walk you will be feeling fresh again and may be willing to pay the price of a glass of wine or a cigarette.

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There is a built in mechanism for you to overcome the negative influence of technology on your life. Just take pity of your lazy behind andenthusiestsorryand work on your posture. Step outside your office. Clear your mind. Stretch your legs. Stand up straight and smile. You will feel yourself gaining a few pounds, but you will also create a new resource for your keeping your body healthy. If you must use a computer, do it only on occasion and stay within your field of applicability.

We are not doomed to the boredom of sitting in our office all day. The challenges of our modern world demand we try and live to the fullest. Walk to pick the kids up from soccer practice or take a walk past the newspaper stand. Open the back door and jump up when you see the rays checking over your head. On a daily basis, technology streams around our bodies in all these and myriad ways and it is virtually impossible to obey all their demands. But we must do all we can to try and make the best of it.