The Importance of the Three Year Cycle

The Importance of the Three Year Cycle

Montessori education is based on the child’s plane of development taking into account the child’s needs and attributes at each plane, these needs and attributes operate in three year cycles, and maximum educational progress is achieved when the educational system acknowledges this fact. Dr. Montessori believed that the child is born with all the necessary abilities to become an individual, and progresses through three year cycles.

These educational cycles are based on the child’s plane of development, therefore the educational system should capture and promote the child’s entire plane of development, and should be able to present educational material in three year cycles.

Most traditional schools have three year cycles, they reinforce and offer information to the next year’s crop of students. If the educational system focuses on material specific to the current year it will give studentsachieving skills as well as reinforce the information already presented to the current crop of students.

By correctly designing and implementing educational approaches, schools will be better able to:

  • Bring students from different parts of the country, different states, and different professional fields together
  • Developing leaders, and other students
  • Developing the needs of the student to meet the needs and requirements of other students
  • Showing students how to master the material, and be able to apply their knowledge in real world situations

Montessori educational methods draw upon the many different disciplinary skills, and skills that traditionally have been taught, and rely on a methodical and repetitive learning process.

The method will emphasize the importance ofBeing, which comes from the Latin signum humani, and considered as the quality of humans and the way they can learn. Human development happens gradually and is tied to individual’s activities. The educational system that Montessori Society established focused on human development.

The Society recognized that classic education had left more gaps than filled the need of the modern world. Society needed an institution that could repair the damage and re-educate the masses.

The mainstream education system teaches students that everything is predetermined, and teaches theories that fit within the realm of the accepted scientific knowledge. However, theories that are not within the realm of scientific thought are rejected at the earliest opportunity. One main theory that Montessori schools stress is that of the opening of new opportunities.

At the root of the Montessori education is the thought that each child has a unique soul, that each brain in society may have a unique potential for learning according to its current environment. Montessori focuses on the current reality of each child. To take full advantage of a Montessori education, it is necessary to attend an institution that promotes the scientific approach to education. This kind of education provides students with the opportunity to dive deep into the creative and the sensitive aspects of their brain, from which future educators and physicians will profit.

The relationship between the mind and body is central to the mission of the Montessori schools. All learning occurs through the interaction between the two, and teachers and students will strive to create a physical and emotional environment that allows children to grow naturally within the environment.

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Parents and teachers will have confidence in the knowledge that their children will have learned and grown through the Montessori educational process. The children will be nurtured as they learn and the learning process will be guided by the child’s overall interest, drive, and love for learning. While traditional education may have left some kids behind, the Montessori system aims to connect each student to the world of which they are a part. Through their study of the environment, students will understand situations at a deeper level and make better choices than they would have otherwise. Montessori education has proven to be especially effective in helping kids who have been physically or emotionally abused, and it has been used successfully to educate over 200,000 children.

The concept of balance is another value that is held in high regard by the Montessori methods. During the Montessori Pike children are expected to take care of their environment, cultivate a sense of self-reliance, and take pride in their work. They learn to value the value of silence and to never be distracted by technology. This high level of consciousness helps them to develop a balanced personality and make responsible choices for themselves and their environment.