Online Poker Tournaments

About three weeks ago, I was really into some online poker tournaments. It was the middle of the night and I was still in bed quite early. I didn’t get much done, I mostly played sit and go tournaments at the 2/5 limit. I rarely won, but when I did I doubled my stack in about half an hour.

Oh my god, was I excited! I never win at online poker tournaments, if you know what I mean. Still, $slot machine backs me up. I haven’t made an error, I’ve probably played more tournament than cash games. I’m not that good, nor do I have much drive.

Oh, and I’m guessing the reason nobody ever wins at online poker tournaments, is because nobody plays the correct strategy. When you play sit and go’s, you have to make quick decisions in a short time. You cannot think of any other games, such as blackjack, that are easier to play.

Finally, I started to lose at online poker tournaments, for several reasons. Then, I thought I’d found the solution. I was having a brainstorm session with little bit of partly created Russia talk stuck in my head. Basically, I was trying to ignore it, since it was useless, and instead concentrate on winning the tournament.

At that point, I really thought I had it working. I had been playing the same online poker strategy I used for 3 years and suddenly, I new strategy I hadn’t used before. It may work for other players, but not for me. It may work for other players, if they just play different. But I, I am different. I am a strategy player. I have been for years and would want to continue being a strategy player.

Also, I really realized that I was not yet winning at online poker tournaments. I had started out with 7 win at tables tournaments and was working my way up to the bigger events. Always underdog, no friends there, nothing but trouble. I wonderful this thought to myself, I can’t lose, I’m the best, and I’m going to win. I actually started to believe it myself. So, I really had to get it out of my head that I was unbeatable. Pulling an all nighter after work isn’t going help me anywhere.

Take it from one who knows from experience, online poker tournaments require a different strategy than cash games. You can’t sit and wait for a premium hand like you would in a cash game. The blinds never increase, the tournament is always the same length, just like a cash game. So, you have to play more hands than you would in a cash game.

My suggestion to you is that you take a shot at the higher limit online poker tournaments, such as the mid range one. You will be working with a smaller amount of people and don’t have the advantage of staring them down in the hopes of bluffing them off their hand. You also need to get in more hands in these higher limit ones, as the probability of playing a good hand is much lower.

In cash games, you can’t afford to worry about losing it, and either be patient or be impatient. You either have to be patient and wait for a good hand, or you will be chipping at it in the yours and jackpots as soon as you get a hand. With the chips you have as the minimums, you will be in the game for hours and it’s time you win something!

Now that you have the best thing I have to offer you, make sure you apply it to your strategy. The old adage poker, when it’s played right, will win you money. I have no idea when that happens, but if you want to win quickly in online poker, look into controlled aggression; a style of play predominantly aggressive towards the other players at the table, with relatively few hands of any significance.

It’s important incorporate this style of play into your game so that you control the aggression coming from your strong hands, and have a big stack even when you haven’t had to. The style you play with will also have an effect on the size of your bankroll as will playing in a timely manner.

Learn to play pokerace99 in a timely manner, and you will quickly eliminate the nervousness and fear that often cling to the game like barnacles on a rock. In any game of poker, especially online poker, it is to your advantage to be confident and not let your confidence falter. Will you be able to do this?