Choosing the Right Poker Affiliate

Are you looking for the right poker affiliate? I have made a list of some general things you might want to research before choosing a poker room affiliate.

While I always advise new poker players to find the best first, this is just a brief list of things to consider when choosing a poker room affiliate.

Set up your own website and/or blog. Blogs give you a lot more room to write about your poker affiliate business than a simple text link. If your blog is about a poker room affiliate, you can put in the required text links and banners.

You will be doing affiliate marketing in two ways: either you can set up your own listing site or you can participate in the affiliate programs of other poker rooms.

Check if your site is eligible for gambling tax incentives. You should make your site eligible for these incentives if they are available in your country. Unfortunately, some of the sites are difficult to find and some do not allow gambling tax incentives.

Check with your local tax advisor to see if you are eligible for gambling tax incentives.

Check with your poker affiliate if they are offering a poker bonus. If you have dealings with poker affiliates, you can ask them if poker bonuses are eligible for tax incentives.

What DewaGG affiliate sells the best affiliate programs?

Try to find one that offers quality tools and services as opposed to one that just offers a registration bonus. A high quality affiliate program can drive a lot of business.

Good affiliate programs offer more than just banner ads. They offer you, the poker players, quality poker affiliate programs that have been tested and found to work.

They offer you eCOGRA (eCommerce On-line Gaming Regulation and Assurance) certification, which helps you to prevent fraudulent practice. This is a program that lets you know that you have the best affiliate marketing program available.

eCOGRA is a non-profit organization that was established in 2003 in order to regulate the online gaming industry by preventing money laundering, tax fraud and illegal online gambling activities. So, you know that the programs offered by an affiliate poker room are regulated and recognized by eCOGRA.

Poker affiliate also offer you their customers a wide range of payment options depending on the country where they are operating from. They know the part of your marketing campaign is the amount of money you raise through your affiliate link because they are donating part of it. Getting a payment option that suits you is of high priority to you so you can generate a good commission on the one you choose.

Affiliate poker room sites are eager to attract your presence and the quality of your website and text links is, therefore, exceptional. In order to be successful with your website and in your marketing efforts, you have to ensure the availability of the best tools necessary for your site. Such tools can include banners, text links, referral cards and many other tools.